2023–2024 Emergency Physician Compensation Report

The Southeast region’s numbers. (Click to enlarge.)

Nearly two years since COVID disrupted the emergency medicine job market, things are finally looking up. The Fall 2023 market is up about 20 percent from last year but still lags behind the 2019 market by 32 percent! Of note, 32 percent of openings are in rural, low volume/acuity facilities.

In 2019, 63 percent of available jobs were with national contract groups, with 53 percent open to primary care physicians. This season NCGs represent 51 percent of the open jobs and only 40 percent are open to primary care boarded physicians. We are, however, seeing a rapid return of sign-on bonuses (as high as $150,000), stipends for grads before they start, loan forgiveness and other financial incentives showing that employers continue to have a hard time luring physicians to the less desirable geographic regions.

The West/Southwest region’s numbers. (Click to enlarge.)

Due to dwindling compensation information, this year’s report is a combination of position availability and compensation stats where available. All compensation numbers represent salaries only—no bonuses, benefits, or front money have been included. These are all from currently available positions and annual incomes are based on 1,560 clinical hours.

The Midwest region’s numbers. (Click to enlarge.)

The Northeast region’s numbers. (Click to enlarge.)

The Mid-Atlantic region’s numbers. (Click to enlarge.)

The Pacific Northwest region’s numbers. (Click to enlarge.)

Barb Katz

Barbara Katz is president of The Katz Company EMC, a member of ACEP’s Workforce and Career sections, and a frequent speaker and faculty at conferences and residency programs. She can be reached at katzco@cox.net.