ACEP Leadership Diversity Efforts Continue to Evolve

Inclusion of diverse perspectives is an important part of the ACEP mission—we recognize the need for both the voices of members and those of patients. The current Board leadership continues to move closer to being reflective of the evolving diversity of the ACEP membership.

Board leaders have been intentional in finding strategic ways to get closer to being representative of the membership, including ways to promote interest in a leadership track and entering a pipeline to help diversify the future of the specialty.

ACEP leaders recognize that attention to diversity—which includes practice settings, geography, subspecialities, and more—is a commitment that will require time and dedication. With that in mind, the College is using its infrastructure to bring diversity issues and projects to the membership.

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At the close of 2021, the Board of Directors created a new ACEP committee to prioritize and address issues related to equity and inclusion. And in 2022, Ugo Ezenkwele, MD, FACEP, was named the first chair of the ACEP Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Committee.

This past year, the DEI Committee set objectives and specific goals to develop projects and resources for ACEP members, including:

  • An inclusive language guide as a reference tool for the College
  • A road map to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in emergency medicine and center the experiences and ideas of historically marginalized (for example women, LGBTQ+, people with disabilities, international medical graduates) and underrepresented (for example Black, Indigenous, Latinx, Asian) physicians.
  • A plan to collect demographic information from all ACEP members, volunteers, and vendors by FY24-25.
  • Fulfill a 2020 Council Resolution to create or select a framework to assess the work of the College (position statements, adopted resolutions, task forces) through the lens of health equity.

The American Association of Women Emergency Physicians (AAWEP), an ACEP section of membership, hosted a successful leadership workshop during ACEP’s Leadership and Advocacy Conference in DC last spring.

With a full room and packed agenda, section leaders discussed changing medicine through gender equality, burnout and boundaries, coaching, overcoming challenges, among other topical issues.

These informative conversations continued over the summer with AAWEP’s Webinar Series:

  • Empowering Your Time: Practical Strategies to do More of What Matters
  • Developing the Local Women Leaders
  • Negotiation Frameworks for Success

ACEP members can watch the webinars by visiting the Online Learning Center at and searching for “AAWEP Summer Series.”