AI-Powered Chest X-Ray Triage Solution Reduces Time-to-Diagnosis of Emergency Cases – Radiography

Image: The BraveCX AI-powered chest X-Ray triage solution has received FDA 510(k) clearance (Photo courtesy of Bering)

An AI-driven chest X-ray (CXR) triage tool has been designed to rapidly triage and prioritize critical conditions like pleural effusion and pneumothorax right after the imaging process. This technology rapidly informs physicians of its findings, acting as a supplementary “second opinion” and accelerating the diagnostic process for urgent cases.

Developed by Bering Limited (London, UK), BraveCX is an advanced radiological computer-assisted triage and notification software. It meticulously examines adult CXR images to detect the presence of certain pre-identified clinical indicators. This sophisticated tool was perfected using a vast dataset of over 1,000,000 CXRs from various clinical environments, and its precision was further enhanced with an additional 50,000 CXRs annotated by board-certified radiologists. BraveCX demonstrates impressive accuracy, with specificity rates ranging between 95% and 97% and Receiver Operating Characteristic Area Under the Curve (ROC AUC) scores of 0.96 for pleural effusion and 0.98 for pneumothorax.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted 510(k) clearance to BraveCX, permitting Bering to offer this AI solution commercially to healthcare professionals and institutions within the United States. This clearance paves the way for Bering to expand its reach more aggressively in the US market. BraveCX is adaptable for various deployment methods, including cloud-based services, on-site installations, or integration with existing CXR hardware systems. This flexibility positions Bering to rapidly introduce this technology into the market through both new and existing collaborative partnerships.

“After over three years of research and collaboration with clinical teams, it’s so exciting to see BraveCX emerge as a state-of-the-art tool that has actually ‘listened to the end user’. FDA clearance means BraveCX prioritizes patient safety, whilst still delivering the most advanced Risk Stratification algorithms where they are needed the most,” said Dr. Ignat Drozdov, CEO and founder of Bering.

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