April 2023 News From the College

In honor of National Volunteer Week (April 17–21), ACEP extends its deepest gratitude to the many volunteers who help the College develop events, publications, resources, and communities that support emergency physicians everywhere. From peer reviewers to task force members, international ambassadors, committee members, section leaders and more, volunteers are ACEP’s most treasured resource. Learn more about volunteer contributions and how to get more involved at acep.org/volunteering.

Given each organization’s ongoing commitment to providing lifesaving education, the American Red Cross and ACEP released a course in March called “Until Help Arrives” designed to educate and empower bystanders to take action and provide lifesaving care if they are first on the scene during an emergency. The 90-minute online course covers five fundamental actions that can be taken during a life-threatening emergency that can help sustain or save a life until EMS arrives: Hands-only CPR, AED use, choking first aid, severe bleeding control, including use of a tourniquet, and administering naloxone for an opioid overdose. Learn more at redcross.org/untilhelparrives.

ACEP President Chris Kang, MD, FACEP, represented the College as 46 organizations convened for the second Medical Summit on Firearm Injury Prevention in September 2022. The Summit focused on identifying consensus-based, non-partisan strategies that can be effective in reducing the burden of firearm injury in communities across the United States. The proceedings from the Summit were published in March in the Journal of the American College of Surgeons (JACS), and a detailed summary is available at acep.org/ firearm-injury-prevention-summit.

ACEP’s Leadership & Advocacy Conference is coming up April 30–May 3, and every year the attendees are briefed on the key issues to advocate for during legislative meetings. This year, attendees will speak to their legislators about the ongoing emergency department (ED) boarding crisis, Medicare payment reform, and ED violence. Join the group in Washington, D.C., to lend your voice to these important causes. Learn more at acep.org/lac.

ACEP’s Board of Directors unanimously approved a dues increase of approximately nine percent for regular members—a decision that the organization has resisted for almost a decade. The increase will help ensure ACEP is adequately funded to meet the expanding needs of our members. The new dues will be reflected in April invoices. Learn more at acep.org/duesupdate.