Fish Games

Fish Games are an online multiplayer browser game similar to a text-based browser game. The players take on the role of a fish, seeking out food and shelter while seeking to make as much progress as possible. Players can choose from over 100 different types of fish to play with and customize their settings. Unlike other Fish Games like swimming, fishing, boating and sailing, these are more time-based. They are less dynamic, yet more rewarding and challenging than most text-based games. Fish Games have taken the World of Warcraft Series by storm.

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Water Games

Water games are games generally played in a large body of water, like a pool, lake, ocean, or stream. Typically, these players stand in the center of the playing area on the opposite side from the Gator. Each player can see all others around them and play against each other through the course of the game. These games tend to be highly competitive and players will use physical tactics and mental skills in order to succeed.

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Business Games

Business games have been increasingly gaining popularity as a tool for learning and practice in business today. Business games can be used to improve a player’s ability to manage strategies and their own success within a company. These games give employees an opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge learned in a specific course of study to real world situations. They teach the skills that are applicable in everyday work situations and the competitive arena. Most importantly, they help employees keep alert for changes in the business environment that could affect their performance.

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Fidget Spinner Games

Fidget Spinners have become one of the leading toys in the modern world. You can easily find them in any department store as well as online. Fidget Spinner Games enable you to control your very own fidgeting toy and simply spin it around for your amusement. Games like Fidget Spinner High Score enable you to test out your spinning skill and see how fast you could make the fidget spinner spin.

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Makeup Games

Makeup Games is an exciting new way to spend your time. A Makeup Artist just makes the makeup so easy that anyone can do it! It has been featured in Apple’s” Apps of the Week” and was one of the most downloaded apps of all times on the App Store. The reason this Makeup Artist App is so popular is because it’s so easy to use and doesn’t require any type of experience or training to learn how to do it. This Makeup Artist Game is a great way to entertain yourself while you learn how to do make-up.

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Christmas Games

Family Christmas Games get children and adults alike involved in an interactive activity; whether you’re hosting a family Christmas party, just having a great time with the family, or just looking to beat boredom this festive season, all the family will enjoy these 30 fun Christmas games for families to play! The first game is the Christmas Tree Game. Children should be able to move a decorated Christmas tree from one space to another on their heads. If they drop it, make sure they pick it up and keep it on the ground by saying, “Relocate the tree!” They can then take it to the next space on their head.

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