Hear Our Special Podcast Episode with Dr. Pam Bensen

In honor of Women Physicians Day on Feb. 3, ACEP Now Resident Fellow Sophia Gorgens, MD, hosted a podcast discussion with emergency medicine pioneer Pamela Bensen, MD.

Pamela P. Bensen, MD, MS, FACEP

Dr. Bensen

Dr. Bensen is uniquely qualified to talk about the progress of women physicians in emergency medicine. She was a charter member of ACEP and the first woman resident in emergency medicine (1971). She was also the first woman elected to the national ACEP Board of Directors and served from 1982–88. Dr. Bensen pioneered innovations in ACEP’s governance, developed the first emergency medicine group and the first paramedic training program in Maine, and was an early adopter of data analysis to improve clinical care in the emergency department (1980s). Subscribe to the ACEP Nowcast podcast through your preferred podcast network or listen to the archives at acepnow.com/podcast.