Industry-First Custom AI Technology Revolutionizes End-to-End Breast Diagnostics – Radiography

Image: The groundbreaking DANAI technology has received the CE mark (Photo courtesy of b-rayZ)

Accurate diagnosis is critical for effective breast imaging. Now, an AI-powered diagnostic system enhances the expertise of radiologists by delivering intelligent insights and highlighting possible concern areas, thereby improving diagnostic accuracy. This can lead to earlier detection, lower false positives, and ultimately, improved patient outcomes.

b-rayZ, based in Zurich, Switzerland, is revolutionizing breast cancer diagnostics with its cutting-edge DANAI technology. This innovation is a core part of b-rayZ’s comprehensive breast diagnostic suite, b-box plus, which significantly enhances breast cancer detection, and density assessment, and ensures quality in breast positioning. DANAI represents a groundbreaking shift in radiology, introducing a Custom AI framework uniquely tailored to meet the specific needs of breast imaging institutions and their professional teams. This shift in AI technology emphasizes adaptability, enabling it to be seamlessly integrated into a variety of clinical settings. The flexible framework of DANAI is designed to calibrate according to the unique requirements of each imaging unit, thus improving diagnostic accuracy and operational efficiency.

b-rayZ’s AI solution forms part of a growing multi-modality platform devoted exclusively to breast cancer diagnostics. The company supports women on their diagnostic journey by offering a tailored ecosystem of solutions that address clinical needs. Combining advanced AI technology with extensive clinical experience in breast imaging, b-rayZ delivers a comprehensive and user-friendly solution. It encompasses a range of industry-leading AI modules, each crafted to meet the specific requirements of healthcare professionals, including medical radiology assistants, radiologists, and hospital managers. DANAI, the latest innovation from b-rayZ, is poised to redefine AI capabilities in medical diagnostics, offering a custom AI framework that excels in adaptability, safety, precision, and efficiency. Set for imminent launch, DANAI technology is expected to significantly advance the field of medical imaging, establishing new benchmarks in excellence and innovation. Additionally, b-rayZ has attained CE mark certification for its pioneering DANAI technology.

“The CE mark for DANAI is a tribute to our commitment to innovation and excellence in breast imaging,” said Prof. Dr. Cristina Rossi, CEO of b-rayZ. “With this achievement, b-rayZ elevates itself in the medical industry as the first company to cover the entire mammography workflow, closing the last gap in the adoption of AI in each and every setting with Custom AI capabilities. This innovation revolutionizes the diagnostic landscape through our commitment to the highest quality breast cancer diagnostics.”