Oleksandr Usyk’s promoter calls for John Fury punishment over headbutt

Alex Krassyuk has demanded an apology after Monday’s mayhem (Pictures: Getty / SecondsOut)

Oleksandr Usyk’s promoter, Alexander Krassyuk, has suggested John Fury should be kicked off the Gypsy King’s team following his headbutt on a member of the Ukrainian’s entourage.

The 59-year-old touched down in Saudi Arabia on Monday ahead of his son Tyson’s heavyweight title showdown with Usyk on Saturday night in Riyadh, but there were chaotic scenes when the two camps met for the first time at the start of fight week.

Fury senior reacted angrily to chants of ‘Usyk, Usyk!’ from the Ukrainian’s supporters, picking out one man and headbutting him before security stepped in.

He was left with blood dripping from his forehead, with many – including members of Usyk’s camp – assuming he had been attacked first, only for video footage to show otherwise.

Krassyuk has now condemned the actions of John Fury and says, were the roles reversed, the guilty party would be banished from Team Usyk, suggesting that the WBC champ’s dad should face the same fate.

Asked about the mayhem and what he told the Fury patriarch, Krassyuk told Boxing King Media: ‘I said, “Hey, listen, calm down. Let me deal with my guys, I’ll take care of that, I give you my word, if someone was wrong he will be out of the team.”

‘That’s what I told him. Now I see that no-one was wrong. But someone from their team was wrong. Would they do the same? It’s up to them.’

He continued: ‘I saw John Fury was bleeding, it was almost out of control, so I jumped in and told everyone to calm down. I apologised for my guys because I thought initially that my guy, one of our guys, hit John.

John Fury, father of Tyson Fury, headbutts Oleksandr Usyk team member

John Fury seemed to do more damage to himself (Picture: PA)

‘But then I saw the video and it was vice versa! So I have to take my apologies back or what? What should I do? It was his misbehaviour.

‘So I think it would be proper if he brings his [apology] because this kind of behaviour does not give a good impression about us to the rest of the world.

‘This is a classic sport. This is the diamond of combat sports. And people have to know that boxing is a sport of intelligent people, that’s why [he must apologise]. It’s up to him, but let the world know that we are intelligent people.’

On what would happen if John Fury squared up to him, Krassyuk joked: ‘That would finish immediately by a KO! I’m kidding. I would never hit an old man, I was brought up in a different way. If he was my age then it would be a different story.

‘Listen, this is not the time or the place for aggression. The fight has to happen inside the ring. The rest of the team have to just behave well and to push as much energy for their fighters as possible.’

John Fury did offer something of an apology afterwards in an interview with SecondsOut, saying: ‘Sincere apologies to everybody involved, to be honest with you. It’s just the way we are. Emotions and tensions are running high and he was a very disrespectful fella, wasn’t he?

‘Anyone knows, if you come close in a fighting man’s space, you’re gonna cop something aren’t you. Or else there’s something wrong. People don’t understand, we are the real deal as fighters.’

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