Simone Biles: Why her complete domination in gymnastics is set to continue

Simone Biles has dominated the world of gymnastics ever since she arrived in 2013 and her extraordinary success looks set to continue in Tokyo.

Despite being on top of the world for eight years, it does not appear that the competition is getting any closer to her.

“This is a sport in which these events used to be decided by tenths of a mark, but she’s winning by three or four marks,” says Simon Briggs, Senior Sports Writer at The Telegraph.

“At Rio in 2016, people in the press box were just laughing because they couldn’t quite compute what they were seeing.”

Watch the full profile for more on Biles, including how she generates such incredible power, the remarkable courage she has shown to cope with hate on social media and how she would fare in a men’s event.

Biles will be competing in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics from July 25.

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