Chest X-Ray AI Solution Automatically Identifies, Categorizes and Highlights Suspicious Areas – Radiography

Image: Augmento X-Ray reduces radiologist workload by an impressive 30-50% (Photo courtesy of, Inc.)

Chest radiography is the predominant imaging tool employed in routine clinical practices and is crucial for detecting various diseases. Annually, 3.5 billion X-rays are conducted, with 1.5 billion of these specifically for chest exams. Given this high volume, accurate interpretation is essential. However, the lack of experienced radiologists and their overwhelming workloads often result in delayed reports and potential missed diagnoses. This shortfall underscores the importance of artificial intelligence (AI) in meeting these challenges. Now, a one-of-its-kind chest X-ray AI solution can significantly alleviate the workload of radiologists and enhance the quality of chest X-ray reporting., Inc.’s (Maharashtra, India) Augmento X-Ray is a pioneering CADe (Computer-Aided Detection) chest X-ray AI solution designed to transform the process of X-ray reporting. This sophisticated AI tool employs deep learning algorithms to analyze chest X-rays, and automatically identify, categorize, and highlight suspicious areas. Unlike conventional AI solutions that focus on specific pathologies, Augmento X-Ray provides an exhaustive analysis covering a wide array of lung and pleural issues, cardiac anomalies, and foreign bodies/hardware, offering adaptability for diverse clinical settings.

The solution addresses the shortage of radiologists by cutting their workload by 30-50%, efficiently segregating chest radiographs without abnormalities from those warranting further scrutiny. This efficiency in differentiation aids in clearing the backlog of chest X-rays, thus refining radiology workflows and bolstering patient care. Augmento X-Ray is empowered by the US FDA Cleared AI solution CXR Analyzer, ensuring comprehensive coverage of the chest area.

“Augmento X-Ray represents a significant breakthrough in AI-powered medical imaging,” said Ajit Patil, Co-Founder of DeepTek. “With the US FDA clearance, Augmento X-Ray is now available in the US market, and we look forward to expanding our reach in this important market, helping healthcare providers deliver better care to their patients.”

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