Household sporting name accused of drugging ex-partner

A household sporting name has been reported to police after an ex-partner claimed they had been drugged several times as part of a criminal conspiracy. 

Lawyers representing the claimant have sent a detailed statement to officers this week claiming the popular personality had attempted to spike their client’s drink. 

The accused, who has yet to be questioned by detectives and cannot be named for legal reasons, is said to have been involved in a wider conspiracy involving two accomplices. 

The alleged victim is understood to have not been aware initially of the alleged crime when it took place, but was subsequently informed by a third party. 

It is claimed the sporting star had targeted the ex-partner with a drug that would render the individual in a suggestible state. Police have been told the accused and two accomplices managed to spike the alleged victim although they were said to have initially had trouble getting the drug into the claimant’s drink. 

In another meeting between the alleged victim and the accused it was claimed that when the victim awoke, phone correspondence with the accused was missing. 

Telegraph Sport has contacted both the accused and their agent for comment. The claims which trace back at least five years were sent to police this week. 

The police force in receipt of the victim statement declined to comment, citing the risk of identifying either the accused or the victim. 

“We are unable to confirm nor deny what media have put to us,” a spokesman said. It is understood a complaint was made under section one of the Criminal Law Act 1977.