Novel AI Technology to Revolutionize Cancer Detection in Dense Breasts – Radiography

Image: The DL Precise shape-recognition software improves accuracy and efficiency in medical imaging (Photo courtesy of DeepLook Medical)

Almost half of the women aged 40 and above possess dense breast tissue, which increases their susceptibility to breast cancer. The challenge in detecting cancer in these women arises because both dense tissue and cancer appear white on mammograms, leading to a 50% miss rate for cancers in this group. Dense breasts are found in over 40% of women, with a higher prevalence in Black, Asian, and Jewish populations, thus elevating their cancer risk due to genetic factors. Now, an artificial intelligence (AI) technology based on a shape recognition algorithm that can “see through” dense breast tissue offers hope for millions of women whose dense breast tissue masks cancer on mammograms.

DeepLook Medical (New Haven, CT, USA) has pioneered the first AI technology platform designed to visualize suspicious masses in women with dense breasts. This software named DL Precise integrates smoothly with existing imaging systems, enhancing workflow efficiency with simple features like one-click measurement, segmentation, and visualization. DL Precise leverages the company’s unique shape-recognition software to precisely define tumor shapes, which is crucial for accurate diagnosis.

DL Precise is compatible with various imaging techniques such as mammography, ultrasound, CT, and MRI. It features a single-click deterministic algorithm for precise lesion segmentation, thereby boosting workflow productivity. This software, which has received FDA clearance, has recently been introduced into the commercial market through strategic alliances with key channel partners, including Barco (Kortrijk, Belgium). DeepLook is also incorporating additional AI advancements to further improve the effectiveness and scope of its patented technology.

“Our innovative AI technology is a game-changer in the field, offering a streamlined solution for early detection across multiple imaging modalities,” said Marissa Fayer, CEO of DeepLook Medical.

“This technology addresses a significant unmet need in medical imaging, enabling rapid and accurate lesion segmentation, measurement, and visualization” says Dirk Feyants, Executive Vice President of Diagnostic Imaging at Barco. “Combined with our displays’ excellent image quality, this tool offers a new layer of confidence to breast radiologists. We are proud to lead the way with DeepLook Medical in offering breast radiologists the essential tools they require to enhance their patients’ well-being.”

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