Scott Urbank Delivers Superhero Service for 20 Years

At Cassling, we believe imaging equipment is the heartbeat of healthcare facilities. Our customers rely on us to keep their equipment up and running, and their patients rely on our customers to keep them healthy.

So when you have a service team that treats equipment like patients and customers like family, the result is a world-class experience with superhero service. It’s an experience that Field Service Engineer Scott Urbank has provided to our customers for 20 years.

“When I first started working with Scott, I never knew what an adventure it would be. It seemed like, somehow, he found himself in the worst down-system calls I have ever seen!” said fellow FSE Rod Rosenbohm. “Most, if not all, were MR systems. I learned too late that every system we work on can be turned off. Once an MR is started up, it is alive, you cannot just ‘turn it off.’ And it’s our job to keep it alive.